Summer Sports: Skip the SPF

Destinee's game for Nintendo Wii brings you such warm-weather favorites as horseshoes, badminton, and lawn darts without the sweat

We enjoy the summer just as much as the next beach-loving, BBQ-ing American, but with temperatures on the rise, sometimes it's best to stay indoors. Destineer's Summer Sports lets you enjoy outdoor games with the cold comforts of air conditioning, and much to our surprise, this isn't some cheap Wii Sports knock-off. Developer Digital Embryo put a lot of work into the game, and we can't wait to experience all it has to offer.

Summer Sports features the following seven games: basketball, miniature golf, horseshoes, volleyball, badminton, lawn darts and croquet. Similar to Wii Sports, each uses the Wii's motion sensitive remote. Instead of sitting on the couch mashing buttons, you're on your feet aiming your next putt, flinging a lawn dart using an underhand motion or arcing your jump shot, all the while enjoying a cute tropical setting. Even better, up to four players can enjoy these games. They can even taunt each other by pressing buttons on the remote.

We spent our play session enjoying basketball, lawn darts, volleyball, horseshoes and mini-golf. Basketball is especially sweet, as you can play Around the World or choose a spot on the court and make as many shots as you can within 30 seconds. Controls work similarly to actual hoops, with you holding the remote in front of your head, arcing the shot and then following through. Lawn Darts and horseshoes make use of underhand motions (with the remote's wrist strap attached) in order to fling your dart or horseshoe, paying close attention to wind direction (lawn darts only) and the angle of your shot.

As for volleyball, you serve similar to Wii Tennis, where you bring the remote up and then down to hit the ball. From there, you simply hold the remote parallel to the floor and bring it up to hit the ball over the net, though you also have the option to set up your teammate for a spike.

Overall, we think Summer Sports is a nice companion to Wii Sports because it expands the sports library, enabling you to enjoy a diverse selection of games. We're not impressed with the graphics, which look noticeably fuzzier than Wii Sports' visuals, but the games play well enough to make Summer Sports one of the Wii's most anticipated games. Expect a review in the near future.

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