Design and the Elastic Mind

Finally got a chance to visit the new show,

Finally got a chance to visit the new show, “Design and the Elastic Mind”, at the Museum of Modern Art here in New York. Bruce and Reena both loved it, but I can’t be quite as effusive. There was lots of important work on show and it introduces lots of themes (“Design is Science”; “Design is Provocation”; “Design is Data Visualization”; “Design is What Happens If You Study at the RCA or ITP”, for example), but somehow it felt both overwhelming and unconvincing. So that was disappointing.

I did, however, love the playful, whimsical interactive installation by British designer, Philip Worthington. Shadow Monsters had MOMA-goers — young and old — giggling and jostling to play, and the interaction was seamless. Check out this older video of the same installation:

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