The Oomph Behind BMW's Diesel

The 330d, only available in Europe, is nonetheless a prime example of the mileage-friendly diesels that are coming to the U.S.

Editor's Rating:

The Good: A taste of what the U.S. can expect: hybrid-like mileage with powerful, unhybrid-like acceleration

The Bad: About $1,500 more than the gas version; fuel sold only at about 45% of U.S. gas stations

The Bottom Line: A hoot to drive and mileage of 40 mpg or better

Why review a 2006 European car that's not sold in the U.S.? Because this car signals the flotilla of new diesels that will wash up on American shores starting this year. In fact, it's a close cousin of the 335d diesel sedan BMW (BMWG) plans to bring to the U.S. this fall.

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