Game Maker Profile: Preloaded

Its founders have backgrounds in art, graphic design, and film. This London-based design firm thinks its breadth will help it create a host of innovative titles
The Flash-based Launchball game was commissioned by the Science Museum in Britain as an online counterpart to its hands-on galleries. It recently won the Best in Show award at South by Southwest Interactive.

Something surprising happened at the South by Southwest Interactive conference held Mar. 7 to 11 in Austin, Tex. Launchball, a game about physics—a game that invites players to "slide, bounce, or spring your way through 30 obstacle-filled levels"—won the award for Best in Show, beating out not just the other game entrants but all of the hundreds of Web sites submitted. Launchball is the first game to win the Best of Show award, and its creator, Preloaded, is the first interactive studio to win the festival's top award twice. For sure, Launchball is no Twitter, the social communications tool that took off at last year's SXSW, but the win does reflect the growing significance of gaming—and the growing interest in the industry from nontraditional quarters.

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