Game Maker Profile: area/code

With games like Sharkrunners that cross media and create an artful mix of real and virtual worlds, area/code delights in challenging gamers' expectations
In Sharkrunners, an online game for the Discovery Channel, players control ships and crews and collect data on real sharks that have been tagged with GPS units and are tracked in real time. area/code

The explosion in the popularity of nontraditional gaming, typified by the success of Nintendo's (NTDOY) Wii console and games such as Guitar Hero, has turned conventional-games wisdom on its head. Focused for so long on features—technical specs, rendering speeds, and sophisticated, polygonal graphics—gaming has suddenly become about socializing, real-world interaction, and, well, fun for everybody. This seismic shift is a source of delight for Frank Lantz and Kevin Slavin, co-founders of New York gaming and marketing company area/code.

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