When Agencies Win Awards After They Lose The Account

Boy that has to stink. At The New York Auto Show last week, IAG Research handed out its IAG Automotive Advertising Awards. IAG, of course, measures effectiveness of ads based on responses from a panel of TV viewers who have watched TV programs in the preceding 24 hours. Respondents are asked which ads they recalled in programs they watched.

IAG’s “Green Award” was taken by DDB, New York, for an ad titled “The Soul of Subaru.” A couple of DDB honchos were spotted in the audience. Too bad they lost the account shortly after the ad was created. Subaru marketing chief Tim Mahoney plucked the business from DDB and installed it, sans review, at Carmichael Lynch, which had handled Porsche when Mahoney was at the German automaker.

It was actualaly a avery good ad. The trouble was it was the only coherent brief the agency got from the client in the last two years about where the brand is going.

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