The Power of Play

I’m proud to announce that the Innovation channel has given birth to a bouncing baby special report (sorry, the language seems appropriate given that we’re eagerly awaiting news from Reena).

We’ve produced packages around gaming before, but The Power of Play special report gave us (in particular the tireless Matt Vella, who’s just brilliant) the chance to dip into the oceans of unfettered creativity occupied by astonishing talents who are merrily experimenting with the gaming genre. This goes way beyond the Wii (indeed, Carnegie Mellon grad student, Johnny Chung Lee, shows just how far beyond).

Even as the games industry enjoys enormous, continued commercial success, it remains somewhat misunderstood. We took a moment to step back and take a look at how the landscape is changing and to profile some companies that are altering the industry’s contours and bending and breaking all the old rules.

We also put together the BusinessWeek Arcade, a collection of 20 free, independently developed Web-based games which reflect the best in indie game design. I’m really proud of what we’ve put together. Do let me know what you think.

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