Sam & Max 204: Chariots of the Dogs

Bosco has gone missing and only the Freelance Police can save him from&T-H-E-M

Watch out evildoers. Sam & Max, the hilarious Freelance Police, are back for another zany adventure in episode 204, Chariots of the Dogs. What ensues is plenty of over the top situations, amusing dialogue and plenty of head scratching puzzles, guaranteed to satisfy fans looking for their next fix.

In Chariots of the Dogs, Sam & Max head out in search of Bosco, who was kidnapped by a mysterious group known as T-H-E-M. This subplot was first introduced in episode 201, when Bosco first mentions that there is a conspiracy against him. Episode 204 picks up right where 203 left off, with Sam & Max breaking into Bosco's store to find him.

Similar to previous Sam & Max episodes, Chariots of the Dogs is a slow paced, point and click adventure where you explore well modeled environments, clicking all sorts of items in the hopes of uncovering clues that'll solve a puzzle. Meanwhile, all of the characters offer insightful and at times funny dialogue, particularly Max, the hyper bunny that always has something to say.

Although Sam & Max take center stage, Telltale has taken great measures to offer some depth to the series' secondary characters, such as Bosco and Flint Paper, by giving them their own stories. In addition, there's a hint system that'll help you solve puzzles faster, but we suggest you ignore it, as the solution usually presents itself after some investigative work.

At this point, we're under strict orders not to reveal plot points or solutions to puzzles, so excuse us for writing a short preview. With that said, Chariots of the Dogs is lots of fun, and we can't wait to play the full version.

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