NY Auto Show: A Pontiac Pickup? No, Thanks

Here is one car I just don’t get. General Motors plans to bring the pictured Pontiac G8 sport truck from its Australian Holden operations to sell in the states. It’s a throwback to the old Chevrolet El Camino that was killed off in the late ‘80s. It should have stayed in the ‘80s and so should this car.

Still, GM plans to sell it here in late 2009. It’ll come with a gas-hogging and road-ripping 361-horsepower V-8. What it doesn’t come with is an explanation of why this car is being sold here. Not only is the car irrelevant in an era when $3.25 a gallon gasoline and tough fuel economy rules have made efficiency the order of the day, but GM already tried this idea. The company launched the Chevy SSR sport pickup a few years ago. It died ignominiously. GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz says they don’t plan to sell very many of them. I think he’s got that right.

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