Climate Savers: What Makes People Think?

Google and Intel execs came by today to talk about Climate Savers, the non profit organization that is working to reduce CO2 emissions from the operations of computer by 54 million tons a year by 2010. That’s the equivalent of taking 11 million cars off the road or eliminating 20 coal plants.

The group is taking two main goals: 1/Get consumers and companies to turn on the power management systems on their computers 2/Get consumers and companies to buy more efficient computers, initially by getting some leaders to commit to help bring down the cost overall through volume purchases

But in a world where most regular folks don’t know what power management is, how do you do that? Most of us have no idea what watts/kilowatts, or grams of greenhouse gas emissions actually mean.

We need comparison, analogies, explanations. And in fact, Climate Savers has some that I think will get people clicking through their computers, trying to find their power management systems.

1/10 computers running 10 hours a day all year is equal to the amount of co2 that a car would emit in a year.

2/ 50% of the power used by an average desktop is wasted on heat.

3/ A personal computer uses 175 watts, more than a tv at 170, and probably equivalent to a refrigerator when the compressors not running.

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