How to Pitch Anything in Two Minutes

Communications coach Carmine Gallo discusses five simple tips for pitching a product, service, companyor yourself

I recently gave a talk about communications skills at a company that makes high-end kitchen appliances. Later in the day, the company's new spokesperson, a celebrity chef, demonstrated some new products. Out of several appliances, I thought the toaster would be the least interesting. After all, what's so exciting about a toaster? Mine works perfectly fine, thank you. But as much as I didn't want to admit it, by the end of the demo I wanted to buy the toaster. I returned home and asked my wife if it was time to replace our toaster. Why? The chef's two-minute pitch had been so persuasive it changed my attitude and turned me into a believer. Actually, it did better than that. It transformed me into a product evangelist. I've already sung the toaster's praises to several people. The chef, perhaps unknowingly but extremely convincingly, used five techniques to sell me. Anyone can adopt these techniques to pitch just about anything—from appliances to services to themselves.

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