A Holla to Helio's Hip Little Phone

The Mysto, an action-packed handset with voice-activated capability, makes the tiny mobile provider a mouse that roars, except where multitasking is concerned

Editor's Rating:

The Good: A slickly designed phone that offers a wide array of nifty features like voice search

The Bad: Battery doesn't last long when using power-thirsty applications like video and music; no multitasking capability

The Bottom Line: A cool phone you'll be showing off to your buddies

I just test-drove my first cell phone from Helio, a tiny wireless provider targeting the in-crowd, and I must admit it was a cool ride. Helio, which has fewer than 200,000 customers, prides itself on offering the hippest gadgets and services around. The latest addition to this lineup is Mysto, a new Samsung slider handset jam-packed with capabilities that had me showing it off to friends.

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