Fun Stuff to Check Out Tuesday: My Debut Book Reading and City WiFi

Besides covering the conference, I am in Austin to take part in two other events. On Tuesday March 11 from 12pm-12:30pm at the Day Room Stage I am giving the debut reading of my first book, Creative Capital: Georges Doriot and the Birth of Venture Capital. This is the first year that SXSW is hosting book readings so it’s really nice to be invited for the maiden voyage.

Creative Capital is a biography of a remarkable and visionary French immigrant named Georges Doriot who pioneered the venture capital business from Boston after WWII and helped spark the creation of America’s high-tech startup economy.

A lot of critics say the digital generation doesn’t read books anymore. They’re too busy twittering on the Internet, texting on their cell phones, or DVRing last night’s episode of The Daily Show. But I think that’s an overstatement. Book sales, while not booming, still continue to grow. Every time I’ve passed by the Day Room Stage there’s been a nice crowd of folks tuning into the readings.

Doriot was a big believer in the importance of creativity and innovation and the power of the little guy to make a huge difference—three themes are near and dear to the SXSW community. And so for those reasons I am honored and excited to give my debut reading here in a conference filled with creative mavericks.

Later the same day at 3:30 I am moderating a panel called “Take Municpal WiFi Back.” We’ve got a great line-up of folks, including Joanna Rees from FON, Rich MacKinnon of Austin Wireless City Project, Silona Bonewald from the League of Technical Voters and’s Esme Vos. Given that the U.S. does not have the best broadband access in the world, this is a really important issue to discuss. Please drop by to both events if you can.

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