Bitstrips Booth

An Animated Talk With Bitstrips' Founder

I stopped by the Bitstrips booth here in Austin’s convention center today. The Web service, launched March 9, pledges to transform the most artistically challenged person into a comic artist.

The company is made up of five guys, several of whom are graphic artists and comic enthusiasts. They got the idea for Bitstrips the same way so many people come up with great ideas: a combination of overwork and laziness.

Bitstrips founder "Ba"-- dude, that's his full name--found he was spending too much time redrawing the same characters in his comics. "I had to make a lot of comics for this one project," says Ba, adding that the less time he spent drawing the better the comic tended to turn out. "I thought, if you could only spend less time on the execution..."

Several months later Bitstrips was born.

The site enables users to choose from a variety of different features, then alter and combine those features to make believable caricatures of individuals.

Users can choose different emotions that will automatically change the expression of their cartoon characters. They can add thought and conversation bubbles. Most importantly, they can bring their characters into the next frame by simply dragging and dropping, rather than rebuilding the entire person.

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