Product Inventors: Vital Questions You Forgot to Answer

Some inventors come to me and say, "I have this idea. It’s the only one of its kind. It’s brand new. No one has ever thought of it! In fact, everyone wants it!" And I ask, "Well, what other products are there like it?" When they respond, "No, really! There aren’t any other products like it!" I have to stop and tell them: "There might be a reason for this."

Maybe the reason there isn’t anything like it is because there isn’t a need for it.

Beyond the initial question about the practicality of your product, there are two more key questions you must answer before moving ahead with a great idea. You’re excited because you’ve conceived a product that is new and fresh. But originality and novelty aren’t synonymous with necessity, and don’t always equal success. Some products simply don’t exist for a reason.

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