EA’s Spore To Become First iPhone Game

Rushing past in a blur earlier today, my colleague and Apple (AAPL) columnist Arik Hesseldahl yelled something at me about the iPhone and Apple and my world being rocked later in the day. Naturally, I ignored his rambling nonsense and got back to filing my copy. But, low and behold, Steve Jobs unveiled the long-awaited development kit for the Jesus phone, which also includes a little gem for gamers.

In its presentation today Apple showed off a game its developers made to demo the graphics abilities of the iPhone. That Wipeout-meets-Star Fox title was impressive enough. But the company also brought out bigger guns, notably Sega and Electronic Arts (ERTS), both of which are planning to develop titles for the platform. Sega (SGAMY.PK) demoed a sick looking version of its Super Monkey Ball series.

So what did EA show? Its own long-awaited, hyped Jesus game, of course, Spore. The company says it plans to release Spore for the iPhone this September along with the title’s other versions. And, yes, it will make use of the phone’s multi-touch and tilt sensors as well as the accelerometer. “The animation technology in the iPhone OS enables us to build awesome games,” wrote CEO John Riccitiello in a statement. “I think iPhone consumers are going to be blown away by the games we create for this platform.”

See a video of the event here. And, BusinessWeek’s coverage of the announcement here.

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