BA to Save $9 Million with Analysis Tool

With airfare tracking, British Airways can make more informed decisions about what it charges for tickets, and become more competitive

British Airways is set to save more than £4.5m in the first year by using an airfare analysis tool from aviation technology company Sita.

The application will allow the airline to track airfares in the market and make informed changes to its own, increasing its competitiveness.

According to BA senior manger of revenue management, Jerry Foran, the airline will save at least £1.5m through decommissioning legacy systems and be able to perform a comprehensive ticket audit process leading to a 10 per cent increase in audit quality - and generating a saving of £3m a year.

Foran said the Sita airfare insight product filters and displays important competitor price changes allowing the airline to respond quickly and in an informed manner, through whatever distribution channel it chooses. He said in a statement: "We can make the best fares available faster than the competition."

According to Sita, more than 200 million fares are published globally at any one time and will be updated several times a day.

Foran said: "BA has been able to simplify the business management of more than a million fares we publish each year."

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