Virgin's Big Cellular Shout-out in India

After scaling the Mumbai Hilton, Sir Richard Branson announces Virgin Mobile's hookup with Tata Teleservices to target the youth market
Sir Richard Branson chairman and founder of the Virgin Group is hoisted above a banner during the launch of the Virgin mobile services in Mumbai March 2, 2008. SAJJAD HUSSAIN/AFP/Getty Images

On Mar. 2, after Sir Richard Branson gratified the local media with his antics—he scaled the face of the Hilton Towers in Mumbai—the Virgin Group founder climbed down to announce his biggest move in India yet. He has become a franchisee of Tata Teleservices, a domestic telecom player providing CDMA cellular services. This is Virgin's third India play after Virgin Air's India routes and a radio station, Fever 104 FM. And it's Virgin Mobile's seventh telecom market. Others include the U.S., France, and South Africa.

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