TED 2008: It's a Wrap

As the visionaries and celebs leave the conference cocoon, it'll be interesting to see how these sometimes great notions fare in the real world

Reality seemed far from the Monterey (Calif.) conference hall where the TED 2008 conference unfolded over four days and ended on Mar. 1. No mention of looming recession or impending economic meltdown. Politics, too, was largely off the agenda. But not for everyone. Harvard professor (and adviser to Barack Obama) Samantha Power both wore a button promoting her man, and made direct reference to the Presidential candidate in her speech—to notably muted reception. Conference curator Chris Anderson himself introduced the topic in a brief question-and-answer session in which he asked former Vice-President Al Gore, a solid TED supporter and fixture in the audience, about the climate policies of the would-be Presidential nominees.

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