Sid Meier Gives Nod to EA/Take-Two Merger

The industry insider and director of creative development at Firaxis is cautiously optimistic about a tie-up between the two video game makers

If Electronic Arts is eventually successful with its buyout of Take-Two, industry legend Sid Meier will once again be working for EA, but how does he feel about that? Speaking to Newsweek's N'Gai Croal, the director of creative development at Firaxis appeared to be cautiously optimistic, noting that EA would allow him the same freedom that Take-Two has.

"We worked with Electronic Arts ten years ago. We respect them highly as a company. They're a great company. We enjoy working with Take-Two.…Take-Two has been very good about giving us the creative freedom to do the best games that we can, and I think what Electronic Arts is saying is really along the same directions. That's really our priority, to really be able make the best games that we can. And both those publishers would give us that opportunity. We'll let them work that out," he explained.

"I think they [EA] have a commitment to great games, and that's what's important to us," he added.

Take-Two meanwhile continues to believe that EA's proposal undervalues their worth, and more recently the GTA publisher indicated that they've received interest from other companies as well, although EA remains the only company to formally make an offer.

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