How to Make Your Business Investor-Ready

If you want to ensure that the best financiers are interested in investing in your small business, you need to take charge of the process and make sure you’re investment-ready. First, be passionate when presenting ideas to potential investors, and be clear when defining your vision. Investors look for business owners who care about solving problems and making their company work. Next, have a focus and an end goal in mind, and work to lead the business in that direction. Talented people can do anything, but they can’t do everything. That means you need to focus on the most important tasks you’re facing first.

Also keep in mind that it’s crucial to distinguish your business through innovation. Investors don’t want to see the same old plan presented in a new way—they want something entirely new and different. Though the key to success is not necessarily the plan, a thoughtful plan executed well by talented people will produce results. Finally, keep in mind that success is never a straight line, so be prepared for plenty of setbacks along the way, and be ready to come up with means to overcome them.

Peter J. Boni President and CEO Safeguard Scientifics Wayne, Penn.

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