U.S. Automakers In Trouble With Gamers.

Online gamers make up a large auto-owning demographic, with 73% of gamers’ households owning two or more vehicles, according to a Ziff Davis Game Group study of automotive trends among the gaming demographic (specifically, users of its 1UP Network).

Among the survey highlights:

Among the 73% of auto-owning gamer households, 61% own a four-door Sedan, 31% own an SUV, 17% own a two-door Sedan. The majority of gamers own American-made cars (24% Ford, 18% Chevrolet). However, 79% are planning to buy an import for their next car (41% Toyota, 41% Honda, 25% Nissan).

58% plan on purchasing a new vehicle within the next 12 months. Environmentally friendly automobiles are on the horizon for the gaming population as they plan their next car purchase: 36% intend to buy a hybrid.

Gamers want vehicles that are technologically advanced, with an overwhelming 82% looking forward to new technologies’ being featured in future vehicles. Gamers would consider paying extra for… MP3 plug-in (72%) GPS (61%) Surround Sound (59%)

Gamers are active information seekers and influencers, with many researching vehicles online before they buy and giving advice to other potential buyers about brands of vehicles. “Gamers have proven themselves to be a significant consumer demographic. Conducting such a poll…allows us to gain and provide others with a better understanding of vehicle buying patterns among the gaming population, have a better sense of who these consumers are, and help determine what they’re looking for in automobiles,” said Rey Ledda, VP, Marketing, Events, and Research.

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