Clinton Goes Decidedly Negative A Day Before The New Super Tuesday

Up to now, Hillary Clinton has skated along the negative line in her advertising. That’s over.

Even the 3AM ad the campaign launched Friday

was arguably not negative against her rival Barack Obama. That ad merely asserted Clinton as the best choice for the emergency call at 3am in the morning. It never mentioned Obama by name, but rather insinuated the comparison.

But today, with the gap in polls closing in Ohio and Texas, and momentum on Obama’s side, Clinton has saved her most direct negative attack on Obama for what could be her last day in the race.

It not only mentions Obama by name, but uses footage of the Senator from laast week’s debate explaining that he hasn’t held sub-committee hearings looking at the NATO prosecution of the battle in Afghanistan because he was given the chairmanship just as he kicked off his run for President.

Negative advertising has so far worked against all the candidates who have tried this season. Mitt Romney and John Edwards went negative and comparative early and often. And as Clinton has gotten increasingly closer to full-out “going negative” in her ads, culminating with today’s ad, she keeps losing ground in the pre-election polls. If this works tomorrow, it will reverse a campaign-long trend.

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