Call Tracking Can Gauge Ad Campaign Effectiveness

Measuring the effectiveness of any promotional or advertising campaign has always been a challenge for small businesses. Knowing the money invested in an advertising campaign is delivering solid ROI (return on investment) helps you feel confident that limited promotional dollars are making a difference in building up your business. In recent years, call tracking, a system that essentially tracks the number of calls related to an ad campaign, has been a little-known and somewhat expensive way of tracking advertising leads and call volume. With the introduction and availability of VoIP telephone numbers, the cost of purchasing telephone numbers has come down significantly, making call tracking an affordable option for small businesses. In addition to offering lower-cost telephone numbers, call companies offer sophisticated reporting features that not only track incoming calls, but time of calls, calls not answered, call duration and location of callers to help determine patterns and better target sales efforts. Examples of call-tracking companies are Capture the Call, CallSource, and eStara. Rather than relying on your staff to keep a log of a given campaign’s responses and track why customers called and where they got your telephone number, call tracking is an easy and efficient way to ensure this valuable information is well documented. Knowing where you are getting the biggest bang for your promotional dollar is essential for growing your business. Call tracking is a cost-effective option that answers this need. Michael Taylor Senior Analyst The Kelsey Group Princeton, N.J.

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