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The Most Beautiful Superamerica

The ultra-rare, very expensive, very fast 1963 Ferrari 400 Superamerica was prized by Rockefellers, Agnellis and Enzo Ferrari himself

The 400 Superamerica was launched in 1959. It featured a Colombo V12 displacing 3,967 cc and also boasted disc brakes, a first for Ferrari's road cars. Over the course of a five-year "production" run, only 47 cars in two series (short- and long-wheelbase) were constructed.

These were very much bespoke automobiles, built to order. The demanding clientele at whom the 400 Superamerica was aimed had a wide choice of finishing details on their cars. No two Superamericas are exactly the same, and variations are both small and large. The appeal of the fabulous cars brought owners ranging from Nelson Rockefeller to Aga Khan, Gianni Agnelli to Enzo Ferrari himself.