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TED Prize winners

The three TED Prize winners are given $100,000 — and a wish. The idea is that the extensive TED community throng together in order to make that wish come true. Some wishes are easier to grant than others, but in recent years companies such as Sun Microsystems, AMD, Nokia HOT Studio (and a whole host of others) have contributed significant resources to try and help. Here are the details of this year’s winners and their requests:

Dave Eggers [[novelist and founder of the youth literacy program 826 Valencia in San Francisco, which spawned dozens of sister programs across the nation and — soon — in Dublin, Ireland]] “I wish that you - you personally and every creative individual and organization you know - will find a way to directly engage with a public school in your area and that you’ll then tell the story of how you got involved, so that within a year we have 1,000 examples of transformative change.”