TED: John Knoll of Industrial Light and Magic

Morning session just ended.

Morning session just ended. “How do we create?” featured John Knoll, visual effects chief at Industrial Light and Magic (and the creator of PhotoShop, which was originally launched at TED back in 1990). He’s worked on numerous films, and showed snapshots of some of his work on the popular Pirates of the Caribbean series. We all know that computer graphics are a) amazing b) not as effortless as they look — just witness the confusion you feel when you see an effect that isn’t perfect — it’s really jarring on the eye. But seeing just some of the layers and processes that go into even a snippet of a shot was amazing and humbling. Knoll was also very specific that he’s just one member of a large team. I liked this quote: “800 really creative people in the same place has an amplification effect”

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