Technology failing at TED

Those of you commenting incredulously on a) the price of the ticket and b) the fact that technology seems to have been breaking down won’t be pleased to hear that things didn’t get much better today. The sound has gone completely a couple of times in the simulcast room I have holed up in (meaning that for a second time I — and everyone else in that room — missed a huge part of one of the presentations.) This evening it meant missing much of the update on EO Wilson’s Encyclopedia of Life, an online compendium of all known life forms, so I’m glad that there’s a breakfast explaining more tomorrow. But many of the presenters seem to be having problems scrolling through their images, too. That could of course be down to the presenters themselves; it’s possible to be an inept genius, after all. And certainly everyone seems to be very good-humored about it, but I’m clearly not so zen as all that and am finding it quite frustrating.

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