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It's Business-Bashing Time

Election after election, there's no cheaper target than the corporation

With all the Presidential candidates out there ranting and raving about corporate greed—all the while feeding at the trough—shouldn't members of the business community be doing a better PR job explaining the basics of capitalism? — Charlie Porten, Weston, Conn.

Not unless they possess the strange and burning desire to get blamed, scorned, disparaged, and excoriated for the next nine months or more—specifically, until Nov. 4. Because as high-pitched and, yes, hypocritical as the "hate corporate" rhetoric is right now, we'd wager that it will pretty much end on Election Day. Then the winners, no matter what their political party, will reembrace a reality that most of them already know perfectly well. Business isn't the enemy of people—it is people. And business doesn't destroy hope. It creates it.