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China's New Roadmap for Political Reform

Politburo member Li Yuanchao elaborates on "Intra-Party Democracy" in Part II of this exclusive interview on political reform in China

Last week I presented the first part of a private interview with Li Yuanchao (, 2/20/08), who was promoted to China's Politburo after his great success in his five-year term as Party Secretary of high-output Jiangsu Province. A longtime colleague of Communist Party of China (CPC) General Secretary and China President Hu Jintao from their years together in the Communist Youth League, Minister Li is now head of the powerful Organization Dept. of the Central Committee of the CPC, which appoints senior officials in ministries of the central government and in provincial and municipal governments, and senior executives of China's large state-owned enterprises. Li had just published a provocative, controversial article in People's Daily on "Intra-Party Democracy," which elaborated and extended President Hu's call in the Party Congress for greater democracy.

In Part I we discussed the long years of experimentation with political and economic reform that China has witnessed since the end of the Mao era. Li also outlined the essential connections between political and economic reform in post-Mao China and how President Hu's stress on intra-party democracy has become especially clear in recent months. In Part II Minister Li details the steps needed for the next wave of reform: