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Aubrey de Grey: How to be a Successful Heretic

This morning saw TED University, which is essentially a ton of presentations by people who haven’t been invited to go on stage. There were a ton of sponsored activities, too (of which more later). I saw and heard some interesting stuff, but I’ve only got a few minutes before heading into the next session (theme: What Is Our Place in the Universe?) so I’ll simply recount the lessons of Aubrey de Grey, a Cambridge (UK) academic who runs the Methuselah Foundation. His aim: to cure old age, arguing that 90% of deaths in industrialized society are from a disease that young people don’t die from. 100,000 people die from ageing every day, and he wants to cure the disease. Sounds kooky, and there’s no denying that de Grey is a real radical, but his more generalized philosophy struck a real chord that we would all do well to apply.

His own personal Ten Commandments after the jump: