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Trouble at Bertone

The famed Italian coachbuilder is reeling from financial troubles and a bitter family feud. Now it announces it won't be showing at Geneva

Bertone has been undergoing financial strife in recent times, and now the future of the Group -- and of the family-owned but independent Stile Bertone -- hangs in an uncertain balance. Ironic really, as the vehicles created by the famed Italian coachbuilder were considered the epitome of idealist futurist automobiles.

It has now emerged that Bertone will not be making an appearance at this year's Geneva Auto Show, the first time in more than 50 years that the company will not have a stand at the grand European show. Though the Bologna Auto Show is now the biggest Italian show -- replacing the now defunct Turin Motor Show -- Geneva is arguably the largest global auto show the Italian marques attend, as they're able to showcase their latest wares in neutral territory and aren't cast in the shadows of the French and German automakers.