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The best possible start...

Just arrived in Monterey for the TED conference. I was advised to fly into San Francisco and then drive down Highway 1, and I am an obedient soul, so I did just that. It wasn’t quite as glamorous as it could have been (I was driving a Chevy Impala, after all) but it provided the best possible reminder of the wonder of the natural world, and was somehow the perfect precursor to the next four days, to be spent listening to some of the world’s most avant garde thinkers waxing lyrically about their work. I know everyone in the world has pictures of the sunrise/sunset that entirely fail to capture the beauty of the reality, so here’s mine, taken after an unplanned, possibly hazardous detour to the side of the road somewhere north of Santa Cruz. Ok, it’s not destined for a museum wall, but not bad for a phone pic, huh?

Maybe it’s because I grew up in a small, landlocked village in the north of England, but *literally* seeing the curve of the world blows my mind. And somehow it seemed appropriate when en route to a conference that celebrates “thinking at 40,000 feet”. I’m already inspired and I haven’t even spoken to anyone yet.