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Network Management Practices -- Now There's a Cause to Make You Stand Up and Cheer

A very strange thing happened at the closely-watched FCC hearing that was held at Harvard today to discuss Net Neutrality. The supposed bad guy got the biggest cheers.

I wasn’t there in person; I was listening via the audio-only webcast. And I agree that Comcast executive vice president David Cohen did a bang-up job defending his company’s interests. But he was up against an FCC that called the hearing precisely to investigate the cable giant’s so-called “throttling” of Bit Torrent Traffic, and commission members and the Net Neutrality experts that testified pulled out some great lines to express their fear that Comcast’s actions are a grave threat to Internet freedom. Congressman Ed Markey, author of a new bill to ensure said freedom, was also on hand. You’d think his supporters would have filled some seats. But no, the ovation-o-meter definitely hit its apex for Cohen.