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The Many Ways Blogs, Twitter, YouTube FaceBook, MySpace And Other Social Media Will Change Your Business

The brilliant duo of Stephen Baker and Heather Green have written one of the most insightful articles on the impact of social media on business models and business organization. It’s a follow up to their cover story in 2005 on How Blogs Will Change Your Business. They did it, of course, by using their own blog, blogspotting, to interract with their audience and come up with fresh, new answers.

Some metrics from Stephen and Heather: There are 9 million blogs out there already, growing at 40,000 a day. Only 27% of internet users look at blogs, but that is growing fast too. Since all information is digital these days, all trends, all data, all potential partnerships, all deals—are in the blogosphere if you can learn to access them (data visualization anyone?).