Service Champs

Our second annual survey of who's best at keeping customers happy

Perhaps no other issue matters as much to a business as customer service. Do it right, and you've cemented a relationship for life. But fail to pick up the phone, show up at the appointed time, or provide comfort to passengers stranded on the tarmac, and today's digitally empowered consumer will trample your brand's good name across the Internet.

Those high stakes are the subject of our second annual Customer Service Champs. Our report was put together by Associate Editor Jena McGregor, who launched the ranking last year. Working with our sister company, J.D. Power & Associates (MHP), she developed our methodology for comparing companies in different industries.

This year, after noticing a decline in satisfaction with service from consumers polled by J.D. Power, McGregor wrote our lead story on customers who fight back. Our report on Consumer Vigilantes takes a look at frustrated customers who posted videos, ranted on blogs, and showed up at corporate offices. They took matters into their hands—and became the target company's worst nightmare.

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