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Round-the-clock tech support

With no networking capabilities and not even a Web site, Sol Weiss' medical billing company was a serious technology laggard. Millin Associates, based in Cedarhurst, N.Y., needed a tech makeover, but a full-time IT specialist wouldn't have enough to do at the 18-person, $1.4 million company. "Why hire a full-time person to twiddle his thumbs?" asks Weiss. And paying someone on an hourly basis would add up fast.

Weiss found his answer in outsourcing. An acquaintance referred him to Sandwire Corp., an Old Bethpage (N.Y.) company that offers round-the-clock tech support. Sandwire now handles Millin's software and hardware installations, as well as ongoing system maintenance and backup. Weiss pays a flat fee of $750 a month for the service. "Now my emphasis is totally on the business," he says. "I don't have to worry about IT anymore."