Preparing for When Landlines Go Down

While many companies have some form of disaster recovery plan in place for their data operations, most have not considered how to keep their lines of voice communication with customers and employees open in the event of a disaster.

Since most phone systems reside at a business location, an on-site disaster or simple carrier outage effectively disconnects you from the rest of the world. A single day without the use of their extension can effectively render information workers and salespeople completely useless.

To keep the lines of communication open, consider first the virtual nature of hosted PBX services. Since these phone services are housed and managed within your provider’s network, a disaster at your business location would not affect their operation. To find the right hosted PBX service, survey your employees to find out what communication tools and methods they rely on each day, and then make sure your selected vendor can offer them on a hosted basis. That way, if your business location is unavailable for a period of time, employees can simply go home or to an alternative location, continue to communicate freely with customers and other employees, and remain productive and available at their original phone number and extension.

Scott Kinka Senior Vice-President, Network Services Evolve IP Wayne, Pa.

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