Bissell Insults My Moma. Brand Suicide.

I was down in Florida over the weekend and bought a vacuum cleaner for my Mom. She wanted a brand name at a reasonable price so we got a Bissell. She was comfortable with the brand—she knew it from way back. It assembled very easily and looked good, although it was a little hard for an 88 year-old to push. But, bottom line, she liked it.

Then we filled out the Registration card for the warranty. They’re designed to get as much personal data out of you as possible, right? But that effort, with Bissell, really went awry. One set of questions was modeled Strongly Agree, Strongly Disagree.

And one question asked my mother to comment on this—“When my house is not clean, I feel out of control.” Out of control? My Mom was furious. “What business is it of their’s how I feel?” “Who the hell do they think they are insulting me that way?” “Do you keep YOUR house clean mister? (figuring only a male idiot would ask such a question).

It was amazing to see a consumer go from brand loyalty before purchase because of reputation and legacy to hating the brand immediately after buying it because of intrusive, moronic questioning in quest of data.

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