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Software You Shouldn't Ever Notice

Humanized co-founder Aza Raskin is carrying on the design legacy of his father, a Macintosh pioneer

Aza Raskin wants your computer to disappear, but the 24-year-old is no latter-day Luddite. His goal is to make communication with the PC so intuitive you'll forget you're using a device. And Humanized—a software company and think tank he and a trio of fellow idealists founded in 2005—is the means to that end.

While they've yet to foment a computing revolution, Humanized did release two successful products during 2007, and their ideas have caught the attention of prominent designers and engineers at major tech companies, including Google (GOOG). Hundreds of thousands have downloaded Enso, a program that simplifies tasks such as defining words. And 6 million songs have been streamed on, a music search engine launched in November. Both embody Raskin's passion for software designed with people in mind.