Chinese Cell Brand Makes U.S. Debut

ZTE's C88 is the first phone from the Chinese company to wash up on U.S. shores. It's pretty goodand inexpensive, too

Editor's Rating:

The Good: An inexpensive phone that requires no contract and has all the basic features

The Bad: Not very comfortable when pressed against the ear during a phone call

The Bottom Line: A solid choice if you seek an affordable, practical phone without music or video capabilities

ZTE isn't exactly a household name in the U.S., but the Chinese company's cell phones are well known in its home country and India. Now ZTE is giving the U.S. market a try with a phone called the C88. Though a pretty basic flip phone, the C88 may provide insight into ZTE's design and market philosophy for other handsets to come. "We want to be a mainstream player," says Drew Wilkens, a handset director at ZTE. "We think we can compete against LG, Samsung, and Motorola (MOT)."

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