Should reporters vote?

Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post writes that he doesn’t vote.

Time and time again, I find people commenting on this blog and elsewhere accusing me of having a pro-Clinton or pro-Obama or pro-McCain or pro-someone else viewpoint. I know in my hearts of hearts that I don’t have any of those biased viewpoints, but if I did vote — even in a local or county election — it would add fuel to the fire of those folks who think I am a secret partisan.

I don’t believe him. I think it’s impossible for a person who thinks about politics, and cares about it, not to prefer one candidate to another. It’s fine for journalists not to broadcast our political views, but why pretend that we don’t have them? What’s important is to be fair. And if we want to keep our views secret, well that’s why it’s good that voting booths have curtains. (I can see where Cillazza and co. might not want to signal a party preference by voting in primaries. I’m independent but vote in NJ primaries. Maybe I’d rethink if I covered politics.)

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