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Ford Names World Car "Fiesta". Let the Boo-Birds Start Singing

Ford Motor Co. said it will name the Verve world-car concept the Fiesta worldwide. The boo-birds in the U.S. who think this is a bad idea will start singing today, or thiss Wednesday, I’m sure.

The Fiesta was sold in the U.S. only between 1978 and 1980. But it has been a mainstay in Europe for more than three decades. Ford rightly believes that it is time to stop splitting names and vehicles across continents. That’s why the same car (with slight exterior modifications) with the same name will be sold in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Previously, Ford was doing crazy stuff like naming one car the Fusion in Europe and an entirely different car the Fusion in the U.S. It was as if the people who made those calls (and you know who you are even if you are retired now)had never been on the Internet.