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Yahoo Layoffs in 'Real Time'

Laid-off employees aren't going quietly. They're using the blogosphere to share their stories and find some sympathyand job offers

Yahoo may be cutting costs by laying off 1,000 employees, but the price it's paying is a free-for-all, courtesy of disgruntled and articulate former workers in the blogosphere. As former "Yahooligans" began leaving their posts Feb. 12, they flooded the Internet with tales filled with anger, confusion, and plenty of sarcasm. For every blogger using the Internet to recount his or her story, there are at least a dozen sympathetic responders offering a shoulder to cry on—or a potential job.

The narrative getting the most exposure is a series written by Yahoo's Ryan Kuder of San Jose. Kuder, who was laid off Feb. 12, Twittered about his every step on layoff day in a series of bittersweet entries. "This is a serious downer," he wrote Feb.12. "Trying to drown it in free lattes. Which I will miss," reads one entry. "On the plus side, my commute just got a lot shorter," reads another. Several hours later, he added, "Heading into my HR meeting. The room is called Lucy. Cute, eh?" Kuder got a gush of sympathetic and encouraging twitters from fellow tech workers in response. "I feel your pain, Ryan," wrote Reh Mulji. "I miss my free protein bars." Grfx303 wrote, "Hang in there Ryan. A new beginning awaits!" The support seems to have helped Kuder in the adjustment to joblessness. "Kicking off the first day of unemployment with a run. Then…maybe a nap," he wrote Feb. 13.