Enter A Contest To Build A Factory And Internet Hub For The Kallari Villages--And Support Great Chocolate For The World!

The dinner at Davos given by AMD for the Kallari villages in Ecuador was actually in honor of Cameron Sinclair who’s organization, Architecture for Humanity, is running a contest on designing a modern chocolate factor and several internet satellite hubs for the people living in those communities.

Here’s the challenge that Cameron is throwing down to architects and people around the globe: “| Challenge |— Connect a cooperative of indigenous chocolate producers and artisans in the Ecuadorian Amazon with the global marketplace by building a chocolate factory and fair trade exchange and off-site satellite technology hubs.”

The client is the Kallari Association, the indigenous Kichwa (Quecha)

village association in Ecuador.

Here's the need: "Need: Kallari artisans make very unique traditional handcrafts, which have proven to be very popular among foreign clientele. However the sales have reached a plateau due to the limits of marketing original pieces through small boutiques and fair trade stores. A fair-trade exchange with internet connectivity would allow direct communication with international clients and enable the artisans to continue to create unique designs, photograph their art and immediately post each piece on the web. Similarly, artisans crave to research design trends, but currently do not have the opportunity to know what types of colors, lengths and styles will be popular in international markets. By giving Kallari artisans access to the internet and training them in how to do market research via the Web, they can gain faster sales turnover.

Additionally, Kallari cacao groves have earned international acclaim and the small farmer organization currently uses another community-owned chocolate factory at night to make their organic gourmet dark chocolate bars. Unfortunately, the costs of transporting the cacao and chocolate to a remote area of the highlands are reducing profits to a bare minimum for Kallari farmers. The organization seeks to have its own production factory and retail store closer to the region, thus maximizing their income. In addition, the opportunity to have internet access would allow Kallari to create special order chocolates, such as wedding favors or specialized holiday gifts."

The competition: "| Program |--Competitors are challenged to develop a main complex, which will include a chocolate production factory, a tourist visitor center and a fair trade exchange/research center. In addition, designers are tasked with designing a model/prototype for three satellite technology hubs located off the main site in remote and semi-rural villages."

Check out the specifics on the site. The competition is open for two more weeks. And watch the movie on The Challenge on YouTube. Go profit non-profit. Go Cameron Sinclair. Go AMD. This is serious innovation, serious collaborative innovation.

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