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Checking In with the Investor Class

We went back to a group of voters BusinessWeek profiled four years ago to see which Presidential candidates are speaking to their concerns
Ewing: Clinton has programs "to help people like myself"
Ewing: Clinton has programs "to help people like myself"

With the U.S. economy souring and stock markets down, where are voters in the so-called investor class turning?

American voters who identify themselves as investors—those who own stocks and bonds directly or invest in them through 401(k)s, mutual funds, or other accounts—have been a key bloc in recent elections. Their backing was critical to both of President George W. Bush's victories, and their shift away from the Republican Party in 2006 helped put Congress back in Democratic hands. The same holds true now, says Daniel Clifton, a Washington policy analyst with Strategas Research Partners. "Whichever way they move in the general election, that will sway the vote."