Valentines Day note

Historically, as defined by the S&P 500, 51.9% of the trading days are up and 46.2% are down. For Valentine’s days it is different. On February 14th the market has been up only 39.3% of the time and down 57.4% of the time (it was down for the Saint Valentine’s Day massacre in 1929). Oh well, the market is still our sweetheart, even if the returns are shorts.

The tax rebates will be calculated from the 2007 returns (so you must file to get a rebate), but next year the IRS will recalculate your rebate based on your 2008 tax return. If you received more than you should have, it’s yours. If you got less, they will send you the difference. Therefore, if you have a child in 2008 (10 months to go), you get an additional $300 - after all it is Valentines Day. Somehow I don’t think China will adopt this policy.

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