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Inquirer demands new name for baseball blog

Philadelphia Phillies beat writer Todd Zolecki has one of the Inquirer’s top performing blogs, The Zo Zone. Now he says the paper wants a new name, because Zo Zone doesn’t have Phillies in the title. True, but Zo Zone has a piece of Zolecki in the title. So unless he manages to get Zo and the Phillies in the new title, he sacrifices his own brand. This is important in a shrinking newspaper industry. Let’s say, heaven forbid, he gets downsized. He could take the Zo Zone with him, but the “Phillies” blog likely stays in-house. (Yes, yes, the same is true with, though not with other blogs on our site, like Fine on Media and Nussbaum on Design.)

Todd, for your own good, keep the Zo in the title.