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New Chips Could Boost iPhone Rivals

At the Mobile World Congress, Nvidia and others are unveiling innovations designed to compete with Apple in the data services market

If the debut of Apple's iPhone last June wasn't enough of an eye-opener for cellular industry players, a Google (GOOG) memo recently made public should have done the trick: While the iPhone accounts for just 2% of high-end Web-browsing and media-playing handsets, or smartphones, sold worldwide, its users over the holidays accounted for a majority of incoming mobile traffic through Google's giant server network.

Now Apple (AAPL), which hasn't rented an inch of floor space at the wireless industry's four-day confab beginning Feb. 11 in Barcelona, Spain, is again transforming the agenda. Wireless companies throughout the industry will announce new alliances, hardware, and software in Barcelona as they try to topple Apple's outsize influence on lucrative consumer data services in the market.