BusinessWeek Green Design Special Report

BW has a slew of articles online about green design, a veritable special report.

We have stories about:

+ America’s Green Policy Vacuum, a story arguing that the U.S. risks squandering the powerful economic engine.

+ Using Nature as a Design Guide Janine Benyus, dean of the burgeoning “biomimicry” design movement, helps companies look to the natural world to help take their business green. + Slide Show: Design Tips from Mother Nature

+ Rise of the Carbon-Neutral City A story looking at the promises and problems with some projects out there. + Slide Show: The World’s Green Cities

+ Cities: A Smart Alternative to Cars An article from WorldChanging’s Alex Steffen about compact communities may be the best way to slash greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles

+ ‘Greener Gadgets’ Isn’t an Oxymoron Allan Chochinov of design network Core 77 explains why designers need to step up to embrace sustainability + Slide Show: Hot Green Products

+ Green IT: Corporate Strategies Recent reports from Gartner, Forrester, and McKinsey highlight the costs of and savings from implementing green-tech corporate strategies

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